Wet Tee 2007

Nikki just re-released a classic set with some great higher quality photos and some never before shots! We see young Nikki from 2007 with that incredible body just as tight and perfect as today. This busty goddess teased in her thin white top as she get all wet and really showed off her amazing tits in a wet t-shirt. Get the full high quality photos and all of her amazing videos at her personal website.


nikki-sims-wettee-02    nikki-sims-wettee-03


nikki-sims-wettee-05    nikki-sims-wettee-06

nikki-sims-wettee-07    nikki-sims-wettee-08

nikki-sims-wettee-10    nikki-sims-wettee-11

nikki-sims-wettee-12    nikki-sims-wettee-13